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Isn’t this kind of thing expensive?

  • It actually costs less than it used to. With digital technology the process of copying and restoring is much less time consuming than the traditional methods of dye, airbrushing, etc. Most people are surprised how reasonable our rates are. Once we give you a free estimate, the final price will not exceed the quote we have given you. Prices are based on the service. To see our service pricing, please go to our Services Page, or Contact Us at 319-984-5529 or 1-888-626-2988.

What does copy restoration mean? What do you do?

My picture is in really bad condition, can anything be done?

My picture is very old, won’t it be damaged if someone handles it?

Do I have to get my pictures printed by you, or can I take them anywhere?

I had my pictures taken at a studio, do I have to go thru them to have work done?

I like my smile in one picture, but my husbands better in another, can they be combined?

How long does it take?

I have a computer and a scanner, why do I need a professional?

I live far away, can I send you my pictures?

Where are you located?

My pictures are in an album, they don’t need to be preserved, do they?

What if I don’t like the restoration?

My picture is stuck to the glass / photo album, can anything be done?

How do you make a picture look like a painting?

Do you just fix the picture I have, or do you make a new picture?

I just have a snapshot, can you make that look like a painting?

Can you put my favorite songs in my digital photo album? 

What kind of damage can be fixed?

My picture has faded very badly, can anything be done?

What does ‘giclee printing’ mean?