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copy restoration





With years of experience and the most up to date tools available, we can restore images you might think are ruined. We scan your image, restore it, and deliver it to you on a variety of medias. Preserve your charished family memories as they were intended. We can restore images to like new condition and give you results that may surprise you.







Let us turn your snapshots into artworks. We can create a 'painting' digitally that can turn your photograph into a treasured family heirloom. Whether it's a wedding picture, children or even your pet, we can turn your favorite snapshot into a work of art.


giclee printing





We offer a wide range of printing services for a wide range of customers. Let us meet your fine art printing needs. We use only archival inks and fine art papers including smooth rag, watercolor, and canvas.


fine art images





Bring a touch of art to your home with these original artworks. They bring nature and technology together to create beautiful images that look perfect in your home or business. Award winning artist, JoAnne Blumenshine, captures natures intrinsic wonder in these fine art prints.







We can scan photos, slides, and any other 2 dimensional artwork. Preserve your images on CD or DVD, make prints, and keep it all orginized on disc, taking up a fraction of the space of albums and boxes. We use high quality scanners and can make color corrections, dust spot, and make minor repairs to images. We can also put it all on a 'Digital Photo Album' for easy viewing with out digging out the albums and slide projector.


blank button





We offer several classes aimed at getting you up to speed in the digital age of photographic art as well as basic computer use. We have classes for beginners and experienced users. Learn the tools of the trade in our intensive one and two day classes.